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Proposing a new workstyle that allows you to work with anyone, anywhere, and anytime

If you do business globally, you will face and have to solve a variety of problems, such as language, culture, environment, and distance.You will also find that the services needed to maximize your business results are becoming more and more diversified according to the business field or industry.

By leveraging IT technologies, including cloud computing, networks, and mobile internet, the SOFTBANK Group creates environments that enable fast and secure operation "anywhere, anytime, anydevice," providing more reliable environments for customers through a wide range of support.

Three workstyle revolutions realized by the SOFTBANK group

Establish a business style using mobile devices in a cloud
environment. Increase productivity and business efficiency
for higher sales (quality) and lower costs.

Activate global communications by building an universal IT infrastructure.

Build a framework that will speed up your work anytime, anywhere, without being constrained by time,
place, or device.

Four solutions to realize three types of workstyles

Google Apps

Cloud-type applications complete with basic groupware features for business, accessible from everywhere with Internet connection. This service allows the same groupware to be available from everywhere. No setup is required for each location.

・The latest business tools available from anywhere at anytime (mail, calendar, drive, and document sharing, etc.)

・A full menu of support services (24/7 support, response to inquiries received directly from end-users, support in English, etc.)

SoftBank offers one-stop support for the arrangements and operation of smart devices overseas.

Support for your use of a smartphone or tablet overseas. We assist customers who use mobile Internet overseas in the procurement, management, and operation of devices.

*The services are to be rolled out sequentially in and after the fall of 2012


In cooperation with our reliable partners, we provide global network services across 150 countries in the world.
We build optimal networks according to the customer's quality or work style while contributing to cost reduction.
We also provide maintenance and support through 24/7 integrated monitoring.

SI Solutions

We offer one-stop support through the planning and designing of the optimal IT environment for the customer’s work style, as well as the arrangements, construction, operation, and maintenance of the best equipment. Our one-stop services focused on our customers’ needs range from the provision of data center and contact service center service, to billing and payment locally.

We provide one-stop support for the ICT infrastructure needed in opening and relocating offices overseas. We not only establish networks and cloud environments, but also arrange for various kinds of OA equipment and communications equipment, build LANs, and arrange for office furniture.